Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Furoshiki Frugality - Creative Cost-Cutting

Here are a few ideas on how to take something ordinary & inexpensive & transform it into something special.

Today's top tip is the Tissue Box Wrap -easy inexpensive interior decorating, or a great gift for grandma.

Lay the furoshiki square, place the tissue box in the centre. Tie a knot at either end, tucking the excess fabric under the knot to tidy.

Featured in the above photo is our 50x50cm pink butterfly furoshiki - see & for details.

A Cute Wall Hanging - stretch a furoshiki over a canvas, staple gunning it on the back to secure.

This is the kimono doll 30x30cm furoshiki on a 10x10" canvas.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Have furoshiki, will travel - The Backpack

An ingenious way of knotting 2 furoshiki to make a backpack. No need to deliberate over which bags to take on a trip -throw in a couple of furoshiki and you've got a multitude of options.

Featured in this photo are 2 of our 90x90cm calico carry cloths - see

Furoshiki, your flexible friend. A bag bonanza!

On Feb 19th, we featured the furoshiki drop bag or purse which is fabulous for its simplicity - 3 knots, sling it over your shoulder & it's a designer bag to go. Once you've mastered the drop bag, why not try out some of these other styles to create a casual chic carrier for every occasion.

The Grocery Bag - gorgeous & green

The Handbag - cute & casual

The Portfolio Wrap - cheap & chic

The 2 Handle Holder - elegant & eco-friendly

The furoshiki featured in the photos are the 90x90cm calico carry cloths - see for details.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How to wrap two wine bottles with a furoshiki

Stand the bottles in the centre of the furoshiki, flop them down towards 2 opposite corners & roll them up. Stand them back up again & tie the ends in a knot on the top to carry.

Our 90x90cm & 105x105cm furoshiki work well for this -

How to wrap a wine bottle with a furoshiki

Make an ordinary bottle of plonk look pretty special with a simple square of fabric or furoshiki.
- place the bottle in the centre
- knot 2 opposite corners on top of the bottle
- twist the loose ends to form a handle
- knot to form a loop
- wrap & cross the other 2 ends around the body of the bottle
- knot at the front
- primp & fluff to tidy it up
- et voila!

Our 65x65cm & 70x70cm furoshiki are ideal for this - see

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to make a fab furoshiki drop bag or purse

Furoshiki fabrics are not only great for wrapping gifts, but can also be transformed into a fun shoulder bag or purse with just three simple knots.

Our 90x90cm & 105x105cm furoshiki work well for a shoulder bag, smaller sizes can be used for a handheld bag or purse - see