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Hello and welcome to myfuroshiki.

About me

Inspired by a trip to Japan, I introduced my sister, Olivia, to the wonderfully versatile nature of wrapping with fabric or furoshiki and together we launched myfuroshiki in January 2009.

Please let us know what you think of our work... and send us your own ideas for making the world a furoshiki filled place to feature in our blog! We hope you'll love them as much as we do.

About myfuroshiki

The myfuroshiki range of furoshiki is inspired by the Japanese tradition of using fabric to wrap gifts, create bags and decorate the home.

Furoshiki are said to have been first used in the fourteenth century by people going to the bath houses, to wrap up their clothes.  So simple in themselves, but so much more in combination.  I’m really taken by the idea of helping to spread the use of furoshiki as things which are beautiful in their own right, multi-purpose and environmentally sound. 

myfuroshiki offer a range of fabrics including our own designs, hand printed and tie-dyed onto cotton cloths, as well as a selection of gorgeous prints and woven checks that we have sourced.  

myfuroshiki are fun, fuss-free, affordable and eco-friendly. No tearing, no scissors, no sticky tape, no waste. Just one or two simple knots and even the oddest shaped object can look impressive.

If you would like to find out more about myfuroshiki and how to buy or stock myfuroshiki, please email

Happy wrapping!

Michiko Yasue