Wednesday, March 25, 2009








shikichicki bag

shikichicki nest


myfuroshiki friends - chic chick

Well, I promised you a taster of what will be on offer at the Unwrapped MarketPlace this Sunday. Here are some of our fun Easter themed furoshiki friends which will be available in kit form with illustrations & instructions. The chocolate egg might be demolished in seconds, but the furoshiki will be a friend for life! A ball works well instead of an egg, if you prefer a healthier option...........

Monday, March 23, 2009

myfuroshiki at Unwrapped, The MarketPlace

Sunday 29th March from 1-6pm, myfuroshiki will be showing at UNWRAPPED, SOUTH PERTH, WA. The stall will be at the Mill Point Rd end of Mends St. Our Easter myfuroshiki Friends will be making their debut - hope to post a sneak preview before the event, so watch this space.......

Looking forward to seeing you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The MF Bag - Marvelous Furoshiki

We're very excited about our latest creation, The MF Bag. It's the Must-have Fashion accessory. Take a look at the following posts which show 22 different bag & purse styles that can be created using just one 1m square furoshiki and two 45x45cm furoshiki. These are sold as a set, along with illustrations and a cute coloured wooden bead accessory to loop round knots or handles, for only US$15/AUD20/UK10 - see & for details.

More fabric prints coming soon, so keep an eye on the etsy & folksy websites!!

In addition to all the bag & purse styles, you can of course use the furoshiki to wrap gifts, or decorate the home - the list is endless...........MF, Miracle Fabric!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The MF Bag - Part VI

Make-up Bag & Purse

The Little Bag Of Bags

Wooden Bead Accessory

The MF Bag - Part V

The Yoga Mat Sling Bag

The Triangle Bag
(using 1 small furoshiki to form the shoulder strap)

The Triangle Backpack
(using 2 small furoshiki to form the back strap)

The Purse Bag

The MF Bag - Part IV

The Pot Bag

The Basket Bag

The Picnic Bag
(made by extending the handles of the basket bag with 2 small furoshiki)

The Bag becomes a picnic cloth & 2 napkins

The MF Bag - Part III

The Two Bottle Bag

The Bottle Sling

The Handbag

The Big Bag

The MF Bag - Part II

The Clutch

The Backpack

The Book Bag

The Portfolio

The MF Bag - Part I

The Knot Bag

The Shoe Box Bag

The Cake Box Bag

The Drop Bag