Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's a patchwork pocket furoshiki?

Well it's a new addition to the myfuroshiki range with which I'm quietly quite pleased and I hope everyone else will like too. It's:
  • an unusual design - not a style of furoshiki that I've seen anywhere else before
  • patchwork - a carefully chosen mix of fabric for a cheerful shabby chic look
  • pockets - this is the neat bit! The patchwork is stitched across the diagonals onto a larger, calico backing so when tied it forms outer pockets on the furoshiki bag, handy for all the little bits and bobs of life
  • green - not just in shading but also because it makes use of those pieces of fabric which are too small for a furoshiki but too nice to waste!
  • multipurpose - mainly intended as a bag but like any furoshiki has multiple uses: gift wrap, cushion cover, small table cloth ...
This is one that I've just listed on Coriandr, with a few more to come on Coriandr and Folksy. What do you think?


  1. Well, I may be biased being on the team, but I think they're gorgeous and will be making and posting some on Etsy too very soon! Mich, think these might look extra lovely with a rag fabric pompom dangling on the outside!

    Good work, big Sis.
    Olivia - myfuroshiki, Australia

  2. Thank you, little sis!! I think pompoms are indeed going to be the accessory de jour - hoping to list some v sweet fluffy furoshiki and pompoms tomorrow, Mich