Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Handbags and gladrags

The second in a series of furoshiki snippets from around the world ...

an article from the Dublin University Observer which highlights the fantastic flexibility of furoshiki in enabling everyone to create their own (my furoshiki) affordable, unique, customised bags.

"The demands on the perfect bag are many – size, functionality, durability, colour and style. Here Furoshiki bags pull out all the stops. Using Furoshiki, you can cheaply produce as many personalised bags as you wish. It gives you the power to design, manufacture and accessorise your own bags, in the cheapest and most eco-friendly way possible."

This is exactly what we're trying to achieve in offering myfuroshiki bags, so it's really encouraging to see this concept catching on. As Amy says,

"Furoshiki bags are an opportunity to explore, evoke, and exhibit your own personal style – so take the leap and get creative!"