Sunday, May 23, 2010

My flexible furoshiki summer bag

Summer time - and the women's magazines and weekend supplements are packed with advice on where to go for the best holiday, how to achieve that gorgeous beach body and what to wear when you're there but, when you've packed the perfect capsule wardrobe, with an outfit for every occasion, how do you manage to fit in a bag for every look?

Simple - just tuck in a metre square furoshiki and a pair of handles and with a two or three knots you can create bags to take you from shopping at the market to picnicking on the beach, off sightseeing and out to dinner...

Here's a reminder of how to tie the drop bag, with instructions for the others to follow:

And please take a look in our online shops over the next few days where lots of fabulous fabrics, ideal for summer bags, will be listed soon.

And here are the links to the instructions for the other bags shown: two handled bag, grocery bag, loop handled bag, ring handled bag and the summer purse, plus some ideas on different fabrics to use. Happy wrapping!


  1. Great furoshiki ideas! I am adding a link to your blog in my Furoshiki post.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. love love love love this technique thanks for sharing !!!!!