Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fabulous furoshiki

I'm so pleased to have come across a small stock of fabulous printed silk dupion which I've made into some luxurious furoshiki.  The colours and designs of these silks are beautiful and the fabric is a joy to wrap with.  They would make the perfect wrapping for a precious Christmas or perhaps wedding gift.  To complete these special wraps, are handsewn tiny pouches each decorated with a beaded ribbon to carry a special message.

Some of the smaller squares would make beautiful pictures, framed in a dark wood frame.  The larger squares can also easily be folded and knotted to create unique evening bags.  

These fabulous furoshiki can be found on Folksy and on Etsy and featured in these lovely treasuries:

If a FELTED ACORN or 500 of them fell in a forest would the DEER FOX or OWL hear it?

  Christmas - Everything Else Style!

fine small gifts

Thank you Luxe Plumes, Crafted Roots and abingh20!





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