Friday, July 24, 2009

Try TomatoTea!

Welcome to TomatoTea, the latest and, sadly, last Coriandr Express VIP (from this train anyway). It's been a great journey of discovery, the train's been bursting at the seams with so many talented people and it's been a pleasure browsing and buying such lovely items ... and at the wonderful TomatoTea's shop you'll find even more.

Katrina says that she loves to dabble in all things textile but frankly anyone who can hand dye and hand spin wool into lovely colours like this (and on a traditional wheel)

AND dream up fabulous patterns like this furry hood

AND then whip up lovely little items like these cute keyrings (don't they make a great mobile?)
has taken dabbling to a whole new level!

There are lots more of Katrina's creations in her Coriandr shop (with 10% off all yarns until the end of the month) and you can find out more about other special offers on her blog ... and for the answer to the question that everyone wants to know read her Coriandr Express interview.

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