Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new arrival!

It's been a while but lots of happy things have been happening with the arrival of a new baby in the family ... and to mark the occasion, a new addition to the myfuroshiki range.

Of course gorgeous young George has to have a furoshiki baby bag :), a large furoshiki bag with smaller ones inside for all the essential accoutrements of babyhood

including a special "pocket furoshiki", perfect for wrapping small items together. Simply place items in each of the three pockets and knot each pocket,

and then turn the fourth lined pocket inside out so that all the pockets are contained neatly inside it. Simply knot the top, et voila, an ingenious little bag of treats!

This is a custom special - just for George - but there's another version on our Etsy site.


  1. Hi myfuroshiki,

    Congratulations on your new baby boy!
    Mich, are you the lucky mother who gave birth to George??
    I hope that you and your baby are well and happy.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Hi Hiroko

    Thank you. I'm Mich's sister, Olivia (the Australian based half of myfuroshiki). George Yoshiro is my little boy - baby brother to Lily Miyoko, aged 2 and a bit. He's 7wks old now - can't believe how quickly time flies. Anyway, am getting back into a routine and will be listing some new lines on Etsy very soon, including some pocket furoshiki gift sets, inspired by Mich's present to George. Will post some photos later, but for now here are some pics of my gorgeous pair of kiddywinks!

    Kind regards