Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coriandr Express furoshiki challenge

Life's been a bit busy the past couple of weeks so I've a bit of catching up to do on a challenge I set myself of doing a little fun furoshiki something for each VIP on the Coriandr Express. So far I've managed a sort of fish shaped wrap with a blue fish design furoshiki for Blue Fish Handmade (how easy was that!)

and a bird wrap for Julie Mills with all her beautiful bird designs.

And here for my latest offerings are a panda furoshiki as a pirate bandana for the bucaneering Pirate Pixie Crew (featuring one press-ganged son)

and for Mrs Toad Designs, the nearest amphibian I could find - a frog patterned furoshiki :)

Still pondering .. Dig The Earth, Kitty Ballistic, Creativesque and Nic's Knots....

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