Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sparkly and sweet

Gosh, the Coriandr Express really seems to have picked up speed now and here we are hurtling to pick up the next VIP, Catherine of Mrs Toad Designs. Her shop on Coriandr is the place to go when in need of something small, sparkly and sweet ... and on these gloomy British summer days, who isn't? Catherine has been designing and making beaded jewellery, as well as hand stitched felt brooches for five years and recently began making her own felt, using wet and dry felting techniques and Merino Cross wool. Her experience and attention to detail shine out in this lovely little beaded felt brooch
and dainty beaded bracelet
and then there is a whole range of delicious looking felt food brooches and pincushions. Here's a picture of the cakes
and you can go along to Mrs Toad Designs Coriandr shop yourself to get your own taste of summer with an ice cream cone brooch!

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