Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm really enjoying these longer summer evenings when it seems as though there's so much more time to get things done. Even so I never quite manage to catch up with myself. Here's a look at some of myfuroshiki works in progress....

First, some larger furoshiki - gorgeous colours and designs printed on a fabric that's the ideal weight for larger furoshiki bags.
Next, having seen Olivia's summery reversible cotton furoshiki bags I've been dying to try some myself and finally tracked down some suitable fabrics. Co-incidentally one of them is the same as one that Oli's used - from Perth Western Australia to Shipley West Yorkshire - it's a small world!

For the last week or so I've also been road testing a new, patchwork, furoshiki bag

which will have calico hanko stamped lining.

The bag is made from the same fabrics as the larger furoshiki bags and has two metal ringed holes in it.
These are a great way of attaching a big floppy ribbon or corsage type flower, which brings me to the final thing for today (very much work in progress!)

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics! I like the idea of a patchwork furoshiki. x